Scientific Program

Complete Program

Keynote Lectures

Juan M. Feliu  
Scaling up and down heterogeneity in Electrocatalysis

Beatriz Roldan Cuenya
Tuning CO2 electroreduction selectivity by rational catalyst and electrolyte design

Christina Roth
Material concepts for vanadium redox flow batteries

Minghua Zhou  
New Electrodes for Efficient Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes

Invites Lectures

Marian Chatenet  
Alkaline water electrolysis enhanced by an alternative magnetic field: promises and bottlenecks

Kevin Sivula  
Photoelectrochemical solar fuel production using organic semiconductors

Carlos Ponce de Leon  
Water treatment and energy conversion with electrochemical cells

Simonetta Palmas  
Combined Electrode Materials and Techniques to Achieve Effective Systems for Production and/or Storage of Energy

Pawel J. Kulesza  
Hybrid Inorganic Materials of Defined Structure and Catalytic Activity for (Photo)Electrochemical Energy Conversion, Generation of Fuels and Charge Storage

Christophe Coutanceau  
Bi modified Pt and Pd nanostructures as outstanding catalysts for biomass (electro)conversion and hydrogen cogeneration

Mark Orazem  
Continuous Electro-Osmotic Dewatering of Phosphatic Clay Suspensions

Geoff Kelsall  
Fabrication of Silver Current Collectors and Photo-Electrode Supports by 3D Printing

Beatriz Roldan Cuenya  

Tuning CO2 electroreduction selectivity by rational catalyst and electrolyte design

Artur Motheo  
Coupled Processes for Wastewater Treatment: Considerations on Electrochemical Configurations

Emmanuel Mousset  
Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes ₋ From OH Radical Mechanism to Modeling and Engineering Aspect

Ignasi Sirés  
Electrochemical Removal of Organic Contaminants from Water: Old Limitations and New Opportunities

Ulrike Krewer  
Early Stage Design of Electrochemical Cells in the Digital Age